What’s August Happiness About?

I’ve started tweeting with the hashtag #AugustHappiness and it occurs to me that maybe I should explain a little more about what that means to me in a space that allows more than 140 characters.

This first started with a few really difficult days. I won’t go into why they were difficult but I had felt the worst anxiety I’d had in years. In trying to cope with it, I tried many things: time with family, a glass of wine, talking it out with my husband, and eating whatever it was my heart desired. It worked, but only temporarily. I knew something more had to be done to soothe myself for a longer time than just right now.

So then an opportunity arose, last Monday, to go see Coldplay with some of my family. I happily accepted the invite and went. It was a miraculous experience seeing the use of technology and really feeling like I was part of it. I felt renewed in so many ways. It felt like the life and happiness that I loved was slowly being restored as the concert went on and the happy person that I know I am was restored.

We can make ourselves better by just knowing what it is that makes us happy. It fell into my lap that day, but going into it I knew that live music makes me happy so on some level, I knew it would help refresh me again.

If something that renewed me so much just fell into my lap, then surely I could make an effort to make those things happen, right?

We were on the brink of August anyway so I decided to begin my project called August Happiness.

My goal is to do something every day (at LEAST one thing, but it can be more) that makes me genuinely happy. Here’s how it’s been so far:

  • On day one, I registered for a yoga and meditation retreat.
  • On day two, I had a really nice lunch with one of my coworkers.
  • On day three, I spent the evening alone, centering myself, and watching a documentary called The Buddha.

These things may not be what makes you happy, but that’s the best part. Anyone who would take on this project would have very different things going on every day. That’s good. That’s okay. It’s all about you and your own happiness.

If you’d like, you’re free to join me for the remaining 28 days of August. Find something that makes you happy each day. Not that it will be easy for all 31 days of this month, but that’s part of the challenge.

If you’re on Twitter, please join me on the #AugustHappiness hashtag and we can talk about how our journey is progressing!

Don’t worry. Be happy.

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