Life’s Details: Volume 5

Mostly nature.

  • I was driving through Arlington, Massachusetts on my way home and saw two men up ahead, both seeming very animated. As I approached, I noticed that their mouths weren’t moving. Their animation was sign language and I was reminded that language is an amazingly beautiful thing, whether spoken or illustrated with one’s body.
  • My husband and I were on a motorcycle trip to the Berkshires. We got up the morning we were returning home and headed to brunch. On our way, in a small patch of grass along the side of the road, I saw a deer having her breakfast. It was then that I realized how hard it is to smile inside a motorcycle helmet.
  • We live in an apartment complex near the Charles River so we have an odd mix of wildlife and city at our disposal. There’s a well mannered rabbit that doesn’t seem to be afraid of me that likes to hang out by out back steps.


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