On Falling In Love Again

Wine. For me, it has been one part magic, one part nerdy, two parts enjoyment, and three parts love. That’s how it used to be, at least. I can even pinpoint the height of my love for it as an entity. It was the summer of 2010. I was blogging up a storm as The Wineing Woman and attended two blogger events: Taste Camp and the Wine Bloggers’ Conference. It was an incredible time of discovery and new friends. I was learning more by the day; by the bottle. It was truly a passion, in every sense of the word.

It was a very intense time for me and wine. But as these things do, the passion has mellowed. In 2011 my mission became losing weight and getting fit so that love had to be put on hold until I got myself under control. I did the weight loss thing and even achieved my goal to lose 50 pounds. But all the while, my love had been brushed aside and I stopped investing time in it like I used to.

That brings us to today. I sincerely miss being in love with wine. It has always treated me well and given me near impossible joy so why do I feel as though there’s no love anymore?

In part, it’s a result of working in the wine industry. It’s hard to be in love with something and romanticize it when you’re tasked with the nitty gritty of the industry where no one cares about that part of wine. Just sales. That’s all they care about. If you’re a business owner, that’s fine and it’s probably better not to be having an affair with the product you sell. But for me, I need to still have that enjoyment outside of my work day.

The other part was my weight loss journey. I needed to cut out wine in order to really learn about food and how much I needed. With that under control now, I find myself feeling like I’m missing somethig. Of course, that something is the wine.

I’ve learned that I need to work on incorporating wine back into my life, but not just any wine. Really interesting, special, unique wine. Wine that when I sip it, I get a little something more than I was expecting. That spark of interest. The extra levels of complexity. And then, just pure enjoyment while I sip and partake in one of life’s simple joys.

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One thought on “On Falling In Love Again

  1. I’m too am on the journey to lose about 50 lbs. I’m 20+ lbs into the journey. However I couldn’t cut wine out during this journey. I have learned to control the intake as to not bring my metabolism to halt. Like all things on a sustainable lifestyle change the key is balance. Understanding the each glass of wine has a cost and calculating that cost into the daily intake. When I had a bout on pancretitis earlier this year and thoguht I’d have to cut out all alcohol from my diet I was so disappointed to think about all the memories I would miss out on that revolve around the tasting and enjoyment of wine.

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